ESG Governance

The Manuka Board recognises that:

  • It has an overriding responsibility to act honestly, fairly, diligently, ethically and in accordance with the law in serving the interests of its shareholders and all stakeholders; and
  • The accountability for improving sustainability performance resides with the Board.

To highlight the importance that the Board places on building a sustainable business, the Board Audit & Risk
Committee has been renamed the Audit, Risk & Sustainability Committee. The Sub-Committee roles and
accountabilities have been reviewed and updated and the Board will review the Sub-Committee membership to ensure experience and capabilities are relevant.

As part of Manuka’s ongoing commitment:

  • We will strive to operate in an ethical and transparent manner.
  • We will continue to engage with our stakeholders to ensure we understand the key sustainability issues for each group.
  • As we continue to build our credentials and capabilities, we will assess and adjust our management, operations and decision-making processes.
  • We will be disciplined in identifying and disclosing our sustainability risks and opportunities.

We know that talking about sustainability just won’t be enough.
• The management team will be leading the way to ensure relevant Sustainability Plans addressing identified risks and opportunities are in place.
• We recognise that one way to ensure the whole company remains focused on improving sustainability
performance is to set and achieve relevant, appropriate and meaningful sustainability targets. To this end, we will be working through a process to set a range of internal metrics, targets and milestones.

An important part of disclosing sustainability performance is to report against a recognised standard. We will be reporting our performance outcomes in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative Standards developed by the independent Global Reporting Initiative (GRI).


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